Behind the Curtain: Fairytale

This is the second instalment of our ‘Behind the Curtain’ series, which explains the thoughts and meanings behind the music we play.

Fairytale is the second side of our new single. It’s less optimistic than a lot of our music, looking more at that crushing realisation that nothing is going to plan, or life just didn’t turn out the way you wanted. It is the powerless feeling that you can’t change your life for the better.

We wrote Fairytale back during our days as Perfect Stranger’s. It has grown considerably under our new direction though, and I personally think it has greatly improved.

It was difficult to write in as much as it needed to convey that feeling of weariness and despondence that develops when things go wrong, whilst being tasteful enough to not come across as shitty, whiney angst. I tried to use literary allusion so that it didn’t become just another moaner’s ballad. It’s more of an explanation through metaphor than bitching about the bleakness of heartbreak.

I think the meaning is evident but vague at the same time. By this I mean that people can relate to the feelings and emotions in the music by attaching their own meaning and situation to the metaphor, instead of having a story spelled out for them.

That is why I can still see positivity in Fairytale: although downbeat and a little morose, it can cause a connection with people feeling depressed or defeated, and hopefully give them some feeling of support. The support would be knowing that someone else understands how they feel. Someone else has felt the same things they feel too. If that brings comfort, then I am proud of what we have achieved.

With love from the R:Ev

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