Behind the Curtain: The Road

I’m going to be running a series called ‘Behind the Curtain’ where we reveal to you what our songs are about, what inspired them and giving you the lyrics to read through at the end, should the need for Relentless Karaoke arise…

First up is The Road, a song which will become our first single after we record on Sunday. The Road is a familiar motif in our writing, and in music in general. It came from the frustration that I’m sure lots of musicians, or just creative professionals in general, can relate to: That frustration that comes from getting nowhere despite being good at what you do.

Many of us grind ourselves into the ground for years, desperately trying to succeed at our dreams whilst holding down low pay jobs where we are treated like shite. Nobody deserves to be treated this way, but it rankles even more when you KNOW you are talented and intelligent, and could pursue a much ore lucrative career but it would mean giving up the dream; something none of us can do.

The Road is the dream: it’s the road out of the life we live now into the life we want to live. It’s the road that you can escape on every time you play, riding it fast and as far away from the life you are floundering in and heading straight into the great beyond. 

The Road is optimism in the face of crushing and at times mind-numbing reality: If you keep fighting and keep believing, you can still make it, no matter what anybody else says or thinks. Never surrender.

With love from the R:Ev


Feeling like a slave chained to minimum wage
The hours are so long and the times are tough
Working all day with my heart on the stage
Because the vision in my heart is enough

So many times I feel close to collapse
Destroyed by the daily grind.
Feeling like no one in a one horse town
I’m going to leave it all behind

Because I’m on the road to the future
I will escape my future
I’m on the road to the future.
I will fight to the last

Destiny is calling me, I hear her cry
The time has come for me to be someone
I was born for the stage and it’s where I’ll die
Immortality for me has just begun

Because I’m on the road to the future
I will escape my past
I’m on the road to the future
I will fight to the last

Copyright A. Tempest

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