International Evilution

A lot is said about the internet and music.

It is sad that downloading has made such a huge impact on music as an industry, although a change was always going to come. In some ways, it has made it hard for little bands like us to survive.

On the other hand, it can be beautiful.  I got into music to touch people. I don’t just mean because being a front man gives you the status that people want you to feel them up, although that is spectacular for a short arse like me to get some hope for a grope, I mean to touch people emotionally.

The other day I received a message from a lady in South America who listened to R:Ev and said that she was touched by how beautiful the words were and how much they moved her. She spoke of the phenomenal guitar, powerful music and beautiful vocals. This is greatly humbling and encourages me that we do right in this World.s

That is what music is all about. For a woman to be affected by the beauty of music that is not even from her country or in her native tongue is a magical thing. It is also something special for a (for now) little known band from Newcastle in England to be able to elicit this kind of response and have this kind of reach globally. For that, I am thankful for the internet. The more people we can bring happiness, inspiration, entertainment and excitement to, the more beautiful a thing it will be.

That, to me is art. It is to touch others and is something that must spread to the World, not be locked away in a bedroom or tiny rehearsal room.

Thank you to our fans, from South Tyneside to South America! You are beautiful, and you are why we exist.

With love from the R:Ev.

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