A Tribute for Womankind

In a Barry White voice I say: This one, is for the ladies.

October has been breast cancer awareness month, and I would like to take this opportunity to pay tribute to the ladies the band know and love.

To the girlfriends, sisters and mothers who have supported us, kept our egos in check and lived with our obsession. Thank you for your love.

To the girlfriends who told us to give up and get a job. Thank you for spurring our righteous determination to be the best, leaving you in our wake.

To Kassy Harris for her excellent live photographs over the years. You capture our essence. To Kirsty Short, for shooting us at practice in our time of need, and making sure Adam’s fringe was perfect…

To Leonie Dunn for designing the R:Ev logo. Thank you for giving us a banner to proudly fly.

To all the ladies who show up to our gigs, cheer us on, send messages of support, share our updates and even stroke my ego by reading my blog. Thank you, we appreciate you.

To Mariana, for spreading the good word of R:Ev in South America.

We pay respect and tribute to the great female musicians of today. I’m so glad that Faine Dovaston of Allegro Bay, Hannah Elizabeth Neil of Fallen Mafia, Brigitta Balogh of Riff-X and the girls of Lyxx prove the local scene isn’t just a boy’s club; that girls can give it just as good.  Likewise to our female friends further afield, like Chloe Drinkwater of Skarlett Riot. Long may you all continue to be female role models to girls who want to raise the horns, not take a duckface selfie.

I sing so high that there is often the danger I’m mistaken for one of these local female vocalists unfortunately. Questions involving my genitalia arise more times than you might imagine. I may have to pull a Jim Morrison one day on stage…

We are grateful to the ladies who tirelessly work behind the scenes to promote and review bands. Elysium, The Purple Ladies, Vikki Ridley, Emma Whitfield, Foxicus Metallicus and Di Parkes. Thank you for spreading the beauty of rock and metal as far as it can reach.

Women have always been an important part of our music and creative process. From the impassioned defence of those oppressed we offer in Domestic Warzone and Kill the Clown, to the feelings of deep loss I feel for my sister Isobel on I Will Remain and Peace. From the tragedy and romance of Fairytale to the loving worship and homage offered when we kneel nightly before the altar of womankind on Dirty Dream or The Water’s Edge.

We salute you ladies. Thank you for everything. With love from the R:Ev.

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