You miss me?

Sorry that you’ve been left R:Evless in blog land for a while. We’ve been busy beavers in the studio crafting a new single for your sweet listening pleasures. You never know, if you’re very naughty you might get it slipped into your stocking for Christmas…

To be honest, I hate being in the studio. I know it’s a necessary evil, but for me, life is about entertaining. The whole time I’m in the booth I’m longing for an audience and a stage. You can’t dance around much in the space provided either 😛

It’s tempting to just smash it out and get it over with, like the fast removal of a plaster, but this time we have done it with painstaking care. We have tried to aline all the stars so that this is the best single you could possibly hear.

Being in the studio does bring a band together. The camaraderie strengthens when you share in each other’s mistakes and glories. It reinforces the gang mentality that keeps us together.

All this recording time has meant there’s been little available to rehearse for our gig with Hellion Rising on December 1st at Newcastle Students Union. That last rehearsal nearly killed me.

I came straight from having an operation in the QE to North Shields to rehearse because needs must. On a stormy night of flood warnings, with road closures everywhere, I hauled my drugged up, cut apart carcass to rehearse. Propped up in front of a mic stand, bleeding profusely from a re-opened stitch and still dopey with anaesthetic, I tried my best to yelp through a three hour session. My worn throat was hoarse from roughly inserted tubes and pipes whilst my body throbbed with pain that medication can’t mask. That is what being a musician is all about: passion and dedication to die for your cause. You don’t get that on the  X Factor.

It’s a shame some of the people you gig for don’t share this level of passion though. Here I am, grinding myself to death for a gig on 1st December that isn’t even listed on the fucking website or Facebook of the venue. Makes you doubt whether posters were put up either, since simple electronic updates were too much of a stretch. You’d think since there are four bands playing who each have to sell 50 tickets that they might be able to afford a little publicity.

At least I have open wounds now to make it easier for the vampires to suck the blood from unsigned musicians…

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