‘Relentless Evilution are a British Heavy Metal band from Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. Relentless Evilution: Survival of the Fittest!’

Natural Selection favours those who adapt and evolve.

Perfect Strangers was a classic rock band that made a strong name for itself. It progressed into something a little louder and more dangerous when it became Stranger’s Fury and continued where Perfect Strangers left off.

Feeling a change of seasons, the band members knew they were fighting a war they couldn’t win. Rather than bow out and go quietly into the light, they embraced the darkness and became Relentless Evilution. The passion and intent remains the same, but the delivery is more brutally exciting than ever before.

The North East is a region with great rock and metal heritage. From the ear-piercing shrieks of Brian Johnson and the soulful rock and roll of The Quireboys to the thunderous darkness of Venom and exciting NWOBHM of Tygers of Pan Tang and Raven, the North East has a great tradition for loud, powerful music.

Relentless Evilution strives to add its name to that list and proudly carry the banner for their region and fly the flag for British Heavy Metal .




‘Relentless Evilution – debut gig, they looked like they’d been doing it for years, class throughout.’
[Chris Sumby: Kennyfest]

‘Relentless Evilution return from the dead reformed to spread this generation’s New Wave of British Heavy Metal. Influenced by such influential Heavy Metal bands of the 70s and 80’s such as Heaven & Hell, Judas Priest & Saxon, these guys wouldn’t go amiss such legendary metallers Blitzkreig!’
[Pulse Music]


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